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LENSVELT HUB | Opening Event

Amsterdam, 2013

GIUSEPPINA FLOR International Communication & PR | Organization and event coordination, Press Office, Sponsor research


Client | Lensvelt

Location | Herengracht 178, Amsterdam

About| An event for over 400 guests, to celebrate the opening of the Amsterdam hub of the Dutch company. Ten exhibitions are hosted in the           historical rooms of the stunning canal house, featuring companies like Cassina, Poltronova, Pastoe and designers like Maarten van Severen, Joep              Van Lieshout, Richard Hutten, Studio Job. Sponsors: Ferrari NL,. Grand Marnier, Illy Caffe.

Un party per oltre 400 invitati celebra l'apertura della sede dell'azienda ad Amsterdam. Dieci mostre ad illustrare il lavoro di aziende come Cassina, Poltronova, Pastoe e di designers come Maarten van Severen, Joep Van Lieshout, Richard Hutten, Studio Job. 

Sponsor : Ferrari NL, Grand Marnier, Illy Caffe.

Photo | Roos Aldershoff; Tom Doms

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